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Unlocking the Answer to I.T. Simplicity
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We regularly arrange maintenance and service contracts with local business owners to ensure that their network performance is optimized and that they have fast and reliable support whenever needed.
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Computer Resources is unique within the Service Management industry. As a privately-held company with no debt or public funding, our primary objective is to create innovated services to meet the needs of our customers.
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Computer Resources service is backed by world-class data center facilities, where we implement a proprietary Round-The-World Monitoring Service and early warning system.
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Nice to meet you...Look behind the scenes and meet the people who make Computer Systems Resources an exceptional company.
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IT is About People, not Just Technology

Our customers come in many shapes and sizes, in every sector from the small CPA firm to the large surgical manufacturer. All of them benefit from our core values.
Computer Resources has been providing better IT to SMEs for nearly 29 years
Our highly-qualified professionals give clear,unbiased advice in plain English
We listen to our customers, understand their business needs, and deliver appropriate IT solutions
Our world-class customer services is backed by our unique proactive service warranty
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Thinking BIG with our company

Whether you're launching a new business or preparing to expand your existing one, laying a solid foundation for the future is critically important.
By understanding and ... Read more
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Intuitive creative vision

Intuition is critical in virtually everything you do. But without relentless preparation and execution, it is meaningless. For all of us at CSR, intuition is not a substitute for rigorous thinking and hard work, it is ... Read more
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Honesty, trust, and simplicity

Respect is earned: Honesty is appreciated: Trust is gained: Loyalty is returned. At Computer Resources we embrace the motto of honesty, trust, and simplicity to prescribe a lasting loyal relationship with our clients, ... Read more
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